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A Look Back to Our Start

The tradition in the past was that each family prepares winter dishes from different types of vegetables from the early autumn so that in the cold winters the table can offer the beauties of the traditional dishes. Today, that tradition is continuing to fade, but that is why LIPA is there where you can order traditional plates and taste good food again.

In 2005, "Lipa" certified its agricultural area as organic and is considered one of the pioneers in Macedonia in this regard. "Lipa" produces organic on a total of 52 ha, and the products are placed mainly in the domestic market. Since 2017, Lipa has been exporting part of its organic production to Switzerland, for which it has a Bio Suisse certificate.

The goal of "Lipa"

The goal of "Lipa" is quality agricultural products through the application of sustainable organic practices.

In the last two years, Lipa has exported organic vegetables on organic farmer partners for a company that makes manufactured “ajvar” and various types of vegetable jams and winter products from Serbia produced for the Austrian market.

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