Tastings of organic wine

There are over 72 legal additives allowed in wine production and many of them end up in conventional wine.

They help the winemaker to control the taste, and aroma, and texture.

As an opposite to the above, the organic wine does not contain additives and organic wine is made from grapes grown in an organic, natural way and according to the strict rules of organic production of LIPA, where pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals are not used.

 LIPA as an organic farm in the village of Mustafino offers wine testing for all lovers of organic products and wine lovers.

Tasting of traditional food

In LIPA, all lovers of traditional food can taste a food that is prepared in a traditional way with natural and untreated products, delicious recipes for pies, sarma, baked beans, stuffed peppers, home-grown greens, Mekici (fried dough), falafel, hummus, homemade cheese, and grilled meat from home-raised animals.

Various types of traditional winter food for order

The tradition in the past was that each family prepares winter dishes from different types of vegetables from the early autumn so that in the cold winters the table can offer the beauties of the traditional dishes. Today, that tradition is continuing to fade, but that is why LIPA is there where you can order traditional plates and taste good food again.

Distribution of products for organic production

Дистрибуција на производи за органско производство (ова дополнително во зависност од сто ке се договори со компанија за достава)

Selection of 125 different types of grain crops

All those who want a service to select, but do not have special conditions for that, Lipa provides that service as specialized and equipped with 3 types of selectors, namely a selector who receives and cleans the grain culture, a selector who selects the grain culture by size and a third selector which selects by color.

Alfalfa pelleting

The method provided by LIPA for storing alfalfa is using a compression machine and the final product is a 0.8 pellet.

For farms, the same service is provided by adding a mix.

Peeling a sunflower

A service that peels the sunflower with a specialized machine and gets a clean grain.

Bean harvest

Service using a special bean harvester that beats and peels it and finally pulls out a clean grain.